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So I wrote this on the site itself... as I played then my internet went out and froze.... so  I have to just type a quick version. No conversation options.

Talk to council.Edit

Choose blue or top options upper right. Always ask all the questions available, for codex entries.

The council wants proof so now you will have to go find Garrus, go to Chora's den , there will be assasins there as soon as you get there, shoot them, there is only 3 so no problems here.

You will meet Wrex when you get down there, you dont get to talk to him yet but hes a key character.

Talk to Harkin, yes hes a pig but be sure to choose the top answers any way to get the best outcome for paragon status.

Go to the med center via Rapid Transit station.

Cutscene with Garrus shooting thugs and saving the doctor.

After that use rapid transit again, go to the Embasies and take a right head down the ramp or follow the orange arrows to the C-sec academy. Talk to wrex and play nice for paragon status.

Once you have Wrex keep him and Garrus in your party Go back to Chora's Den. The place is crawling with Fists thugs. Kill them and head to the back, use the blue option on the Warehouse workers for paragon status, Wrex comments on how he would have just killed them it's easier.

Kill the two defense turrets and fist will surrendor, get information from him on the quarian and Wrex will shoot him. Access the safe in the back for some cash , then pick up the disks on the floor you will use them later.

Head back out of there and go save the Quarian , Tali'Zorah Vas Rayya Go directly past the fast travel outside of Chora's den, the guards have respawned so kill them, Head up the stairs past the fast travel and down the alley to save Tali. She will then give you the evidence.

A brief cutscene with the jerk Udina and your off to see the council. better to do the side mission on your way out with a man named Samesh, he wants you to get him his wifes body. Run up the stairs directly across from Udinas office and talk to Bosker, get him to realease the woman using the Blue option (paragon) and you will get a bonus to that. Then let Samesh know you succeded and head off to the council.

Once there you will gain your spectre status! IM SO PROUD!

Now your off to kill your very first rogue spectre...... Moments like these dont come around too often.

Tears.... :) Grats.

Head off to C-sec then to the loading bay through the central Elevator there.

Once more conversation and you are now captain of the normandy and first human spectre. XD

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