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Roughly 1200 years ago, the Turians were invited to join the Citadel council to fulfill the role of the galactic peacekeepers. The turians have the largest fleet in Citadel space, and they make up the single largest portion of the council's military forces.

As their territory and influence has spread, the turians have come to rely on the salarians for military intelligence and the asari for diplomacy. Despite a somewhat colonial attitude towards the rest of the galaxy, the ruling heirarchy understands they would lose more than they would gain if the other two races were ever removed.

Turians come from autocratic society that values discipline and possesses a strong sense of personal and collective honor. There is a lingering animosity between turians and humans over the first contact war of 2157, which is know as the 'Re;ay 314 Incident' to the Turians. Officially, however, the two species are allies and they enjoy civil, if cool, diplomatic relations.

Turians: The Unification WarEdit

At about the time the salarians and asari were forming the council, the turians were emrouled in a bitter civil war. The Unification war, as it was later named, began with hostilities between the colonies furthest from the Turian homeworld, Palaven.

These colonies were run by local chieftans , many of whom had distanced themselves from the heirarchy. Without the galvanizing influence of the government, the colonies became increasingly isolated and xenophobic. Colonists began wearing emblems or facial markings to differentiate themselves from members of other colonies and open hostilites became common.

When war finally broke out, the heirarchy maintained strict diplomacy and refused to get involved. After several years of fighting , less than a dozen factions remained and the heirarchy finally intervened. By that time, the cheiftans were too weak to resist; they were forced to put an end to the fighting and renew their allegiance to the heirarchy.

Though peace as restored, it took several decades for animosity between colonists to fade completely. To this day most turians still wear the facial markings of their home colonies. As a point of interest the turian term 'barefaced' regers to one who is beguiling or not be trusted. It is also a slang term for poloticans.

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